tru q: why does liam sweat so much?

answer ((tru) fact): it’s genetic


yeah that’s true, but is it tru

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benderliam-deactivated20140906 whispered: liam was born out of harry's left ass cheek like athena was born from zeus's kneecap amen

sorry, can someone translate this for me?? i dont speak NERD !! #burned

have yall forgotten that zayn cant swim? #tru #fact #confirmed


1dtrufacts how are you?

take me home was the greatest album to ever grace this earth #tru #fact #confirmed

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the most #tru fact tho.. rock me goes hard as hell i love songs about drivin ya dads antique car

i listened to take me home today and i nutted the whole way thru that was close to an hour long nut

liamkin-deactivated20141004 whispered: how many chickens does harrie own


petition to remove the E from true

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stop claiming to be me when ur not.. #free1dtrufacts